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Hi cinnamon
VM message that it's a process server wanting me to call 888/518-6578
The given phone number is signed as Scam Robocall
The given phone number is signed as Lara
received 2 unsolicited phone calls from this number within a few minutes. did not answer.
it keeps calling and hanging up. never speaks.
Hey this is a number that voice created while trying to use voice to call my number it actually creates a new number for my line but if I try to text it back from my regular line it goes to the voice number and bounces back through voice number because it shows that I have a new message from voice number when I try to text the this new created number but if I call it it goes right through to my voicemail so I am just trying to figure out who has ownership of this number is it anonymous is it now ATT or is it Google voice idk
Call from 445-211-1555 - unanticipated call from unknown caller who did not leave voicemail. (I've never even seen Area Code 445 either...)
This man seems to be a scammer that is pretending to be someone else making woman fall in love with him.
bother me all day with last 4 number had 10 time ring on my phone i never answer at all


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