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Txt message June 23rd, 2018. We could not have seen this without you Samuel in PA, so here is the smallest thing we will do to return the favor. "Followed by link, (" ((No clue who this is.)) Similar to yesterdays message about no CRDT needed cash assistance. Similar number, both in Baltimore area, different messages. Both times Phone warning said; "Following unknown links leave your device and personal data vulnerable. By tapping OK you agree that you are solely responsible for any damages or losses to your device." I cancelled. I his is Two days in a row now.
Message June 22nd, 2018. Samuel no CRDT needed cash assistance is accessible 2 you in your area Receive 3k today. This message is followed by this link ( ) My cell phone says unsecured link can cause serious damage to my device if I proceed. Cancelled & Left.
The given phone number is signed as Sean Tomaszkiewicz.
SPAM call, fishing for personal info
The given phone number is signed as Sandra Maxwell.
If it gets to you, contact my dear Sanjossy. +5512982788978
I miss you very much. You stole my heart and it does not leave my thoughts.
Number used for spam and fraudulent activities.
Solar panel telemarketer


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