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Called 5 times. Left no message. Probably a solicitor for extended car warranties, tis the season for scammers and spammers
Scam! Block this number.
Got a call from 360-160-1014. Claimed to be IRS. Unable to confirm - constant busy. Anyone else?
Someone called saying my computer was at risk ... Didn't get the name of the person nor the company 'cause the guy was talking too fast. I asked to talk to someone that speaks french but seems that no one knows that language. Weird for someone that claims he is working for Windows (not Microsoft) ... So I hung up
Unusual call from WF bank???
I have had more then just one phone call from this number. I don't know if it has anything to do with spam, scam, or fraud. But if I answear the call and say "Hello" no one answears me they will just hang up on me.
I have gotten 4 calls in less than a minute all of them went missed.When I called back, got this message (Mail Box Fulled..) Thanks
He texted and sent me a link. It went to a site similar to a facebook platform.
Ya said I 4 charges already pending lol


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