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Some Idiot trying to scam in Mandrin.
Some “robot call” claiming they are “suspending” my Social Security number! Really!? You can’t even get them to suspend a persons Social Security number when a person dies!!! Stupid $@!#£^?#&@!?! When will these €#%*+?€¥~$@?!&$! ever leave people alone!!!
Was told I'd be charged £349 for software security on 23rd April .Told to ring a different number. 0808 1017688, to cancel or update subscription. Needless to say I didn't ring it!!
Claims they are going to suspend social security
claim they are suspending social security number
This number used to scam people out of money
This number was given for a company number. Had charges to my debit card for almost $500 . I was given this number 667 465 4696 and this name Equipos De Compo Giron hacinda viejmx
Scam callback number for the 'Microsoft Help Desk' after receiving a fake pop-up message on Firefox. Nothing but a total scam attempt. Return website was listed as ''.
April 19, 2019 Call regarding "my Federal student loan" from Debra Rose. I never had a Federal student loan and I finished college studies over thirty years ago. Returned call. It was to an automated system that did not offer a real person. I chose to return the call today. I have ignored these calls in the past. They stop for a while and then resume.


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