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love scammer...becareful everyone...fake cheater... added through Instagram then request for WhatsApp [+1(707)590-7758], Instagram username : respectwithhonor/Bobby Ollis, Email address :, he claimed that he's Sgt Bobby Ollis E7 work with U.S Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha Team, assigned to Company B, 82nd Airborne Division, 41 years old, based in Afghanistan for special mission. Request to apply leave on behalf of him and need to pay for a huge amount for the leave application.
Known his as Aadam mohb thru Instagram. Telling he’s a pilot in British Airways. He is a widower and have a son. He’ Telling me that he’ Be flying to Dubai for 2 days and wants to send a gift. I received a rext from the courier/cargo telling me that I have a package from Dubai and place hold by the malaysian custom and because theu found a currency inside the package and wants me to pay the charges. The outstanding charges Custom clearance fee $1000 Penalties discovered money $3000 Anti terrorist certificates $4600 The courier Transair details Mr krishan +601117000921 Just be aware! Don’t make any payment
Some users have signed this phone number as "Obama".
Indeed, some users have signed this phone number as "Tammy. Canton Ohio".
Some users have signed this phone number as "Siruis Radio".
no not vality
Number shows as fred A. Xxxxx in florrisant mo?
That number called me up but did not talk
This is worthless
ese numero de tlf es usado por un hombre que dice que se llama donald mcoy, cosa que es falsa porque al buscar sus fotos en la internet dice que pertenece a otra persona


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